Why Kid Yoga?

In this fast paced 21st century world we are asked to be dialed in, on point, continuously productive, and always striving for the best; this is all good, BUT… We aren’t trained to check in, reset, and create a space to breathe and be. As a result we have created a population of stressed out, highly anxious, and uber-pressured kids.

Can you imagine a world where humans are aware of their own body-mind connection, where they can hit that reset button and check in with themselves before seeking outside to fill themselves up? A world where humans know when to stop, take a deep breath, and re-assess before they dive back in?

That’s the Kid Yoga Minnesota Charge.

To arm children with a skill set of mind-body awareness that includes healthy nutritional choices, and movements & techniques to calm, recharge, and focus.

Love For Kid Yoga:

BIG thanks to you all for creating such a special space- I feel so lucky to have learned about it being a non-bikram gal My girls are so nourished after a day at camp yoga- and I am too having some time to myself. Win-win! I’m so grateful. Ms. Beth, you are a true gift to those around you.
Love & Gratitude,
Thank you Beth.
I truly value your mission and hope to do all I can to make sure as many kids get this message as possible. You are amazing. STAFF is so wonderful! Thank you for the gift of this week and kids yoga! It is truly amazing.
Wow Thank you Beth, Martha and all your staff for making this an adventure my kids will never forget. They are pumped for more and we can’t wait to become more involved! What an amazing program!!!!! We love it
We too feel truly blessed to be a part of such and amazing program! Thank you Beth and Martha!!
I am so grateful for the week and for this whole yoga community in our lives, especially the kids.
Thank you Beth and everyone involved for such a creating such a wonderful, nurturing environment and experience. We are very appreciative and look forward to our next yoga camp later this summer.