Nurturing students with imagination, play, and a perfect environment to move.

We began in 2011 under the vision of nationally acclaimed yogi Martha Williams.

In her wisdom and fortitude she created a space that nurtures imagination, play, and a perfect environment to move. Beth Joselyn, current studio owner, jumped on the movement from the start when Martha offered teacher trainings under the guidance of Terri Matejcek and her “Made to Move” method.

Today Kid Yoga Minnesota and Sunshine Morning Care is three-fold:

•      Non-traditional child care offering morning time for moms and dads to drop off their young ones to play, do yoga, and build positive life tools

•      Kid yoga classes designed to calm, recharge, focus, and strengthen mind-body connection

•      Yoga trainings for classroom teachers that offer calming strategies and energy builders to activate brain cells and build focus.

In addition, Kid Yoga Minnesota offers custom yoga classes for special needs individuals, as well as youth sports trainings that teach yoga to target and strengthen specific areas to enhance overall performance.

Beth Joselyn is an artist, yoga instructor, and certified elementary art teacher who infuses play, creativity, a “kindness rules” attitude, and a “you matter” mantra into all programs. She holds an M.Ed in art education from the University of Minnesota.


Why Kid Yoga?

“This is a question I get all the time…”

In this fast paced 21st century world we are asked to be dialed in, on point, continuously productive, and always striving for the best; this is all good, BUT… We aren’t trained to check in, reset, and create a space to breathe and be. As a result we have created a population of stressed out, highly anxious, and uber-pressured kids.

I believe that if we empower these kids with tools to self -regulate at the same time they are learning to communicate with the world around them, we are setting them up for a lifetime of success.

Can you imagine a world where humans are aware of their body-mind connection so they can hit that reset button and check in with themselves before seeking outside to fill themselves up? A world where humans know when to stop, take a deep breath, and re-assess before diving back in?

That’s my crusade!


That’s the Kid Yoga Minnesota charge.

To arm children with a skill set of mind-body awareness that includes healthy nutritional choices, and movements & techniques to calm, recharge, and focus.

My priority is offering children a safe space to establish their own identity and talents. This space invites kids to use their imagination; it also creates a passion for learning about their world in their own way. This space is centered around being green, being kind, and being a kid.

Our Teachers

Kid Yoga Teachers Beth


Teaching kids yoga has been a perfect fit combining Beth’s love for the yoga and teaching kids positive ways of moving thru their world.

We giggle, we share we practice poses, play games, learn about our breath and how our body works. All the while we are teaching students tools and simple techniques they can use to reduce stress and increase smiles every day!

Kid Yoga Teachers Dustin


Dustin is so excited to be a part of Kid Yoga Minnesota! He has consistently found kids to be the best teachers, and looks forward to all the discoveries that lie ahead.

When he’s not at the studio for Kid Yoga, Dustin can probably be found practicing next door in the hot room, riding his bike, running around outside, or indulging his inner child as an actor.

Kid Yoga Teachers Julee


Julee Grew up on a summer camp!

She loves all ages and they love her! Her straightforward humor and glittering style is balanced with love and kindness creating an environment that is safe, fun and filled with laughter all the while sharing daily life lessons with the kids. She specializes in goofy faces silly songs and creative pursuits. In her free time she enjoys changing her hair, painting her nails and being outside! Her favorite yoga poses; plow and fish.