Nothing is more rewarding than introducing children to the world of yoga.

The Kid Yoga Minnesota Teacher Training Program is for anyone who loves working with children.  Level one is perfect for classroom teachers! Our course will provide fun-filled, engaging ideas that are beneficial for kids of all ages.

Our method for teaching children yoga is thru story, play, and positive instruction.

Our goal is to set them up for a LIFETIME of calm and connectedness.

Our mission is to share this training with as many people as possible to keep the message of the amazing benefits of kids + yoga going and growing!

Level One Training:

  • Benefits of Yoga for Children
  • Child-friendly yoga poses, partner poses, group poses, games, activities, themes, stories, and relaxation techniques
  • Breathing exercise
  • Bringing out the child in you – getting comfortable with play
  • Creative ways to help build confidence, trust, teamwork, focus, concentration, and a sense of calm to get kids to relax and develop self-control
  • Classroom strategies to reset, calm, and energize learners during the school day
  • How to balance routine and freedom within a class
  • Tips on customizing each class to the energy in the room
  • Strategies for teaching yoga to children that support a fair, non-competitive environment
  • Tools for dealing with restlessness and behavior challenges in a class

Tuition 295.00

Enroll Online


Level One Training Schedule 2017

12:00-5:00 Saturday
12:00-4:00 Sunday

February 18-19
April 22-23
July 22-23
August 19-20

Continuing Education Units and Professional Development Points:

As an optional add-on to Level One and Level Two Training, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or Professional Development Points (PDPs) may also be available through your employer. As each credentialing organization has their own requirements, you should confirm with them that your training hours will apply toward your degree or continuing education requirements. Application for accreditation from these organizations is your responsibility.

Kid Yoga Love

This training has been invaluable. My students LOVE the yoga and mindfulness components and it has TRANSformed my classroom management.
I use the strategies I learned at this training ALL DAY LONG- We are a happier classroom community because of it.
I have noticed much less test anxiety as a result of the breathing techniques. Students are more confident going into the test and as a result they are scoring better!

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