A curriculum designed with whole child in mind and heart.

6 pillars of our curriculum

Heart Intelligence

Professional Development
Teacher trainings

Practices of gratitude, kindness, contribution, equanimity, compassion, and love to create a solid foundation for nurturing ourselves and our community



Curiosity, Wonder, Observation, Discovery, Invention, Hands on connection to what uniquely makes us US!



 Intentional movement to unleash our brilliance!

Link Learning to movement!



Connection with the natural world is a reset, creating opportunity for deeper connection with ourselves and others""We are hardwired for connection" Brene Brown 



"Present moments in nature reset and reconnect ourselves and each other with the world"



Learning to be still is a skill. Focus and attention are accessed and harnessed in silent, still moments.

Classroom Training Testimonials


Ms. Joselyn provided me with practical ways to build my own mindfulness practice so I can be more grounded and real with teaching these skills to my students. I have used her child engaging techniques with middle school students and they asked for MORE; which is a huge WIN for this guarded age group. Currently I am serving as an elementary assistant Principal, I've brought her ideas to our whole school. Ms. Joselyn was instrumental in giving me tools in how to set up our own mindfulness room for students to go to slow down and take a break and BREATHE. It has changed our fast pace school to a grounded connect pulse."  

 Paula Henn Seatle, Wa.

"Mindfulness is a worldwide movement, being made personal and relevant through the most authentic instruction I have ever been a part of, by MN Kids Yoga and Beth Joselyn. I attended a teacher's training, over two Saturdays, and was able to experience the magic of both Beth and the mindfulness process. Through Beth's flexible, intentional, and organic teaching approach, she met me where I was at in my process of making mindfulness relevant for me. She lives the mindful process in both her her personal life and art classroom, helping her to connect my hesitancy, questions, and ideas to strategies and approaches I am able to use daily in my classroom. I teach a groups of highly disengaged and disregulated middle schoolers, and her ability to reframe my daily experiences in my classroom, into opportunities to grow the mindfulness of both my students and myself are invaluable. " -Kaja Martinson Minneapolis, Mn.



Beth embodies a special mix of curiosity, encouragement, and wonder that brought each of my boys to life. With one it was through humor and thoughtfulness, with the other it was with creativity and energy. She met each child exactly where they were, and they immediately felt like it was their space. She is a wonder, and her curriculum was amazing.  Each of my boys still do yoga and meditation to calm themselves, a skill gleaned directly from Beth. The highest praise I can have is that both still refer to their time with her as the best times they had: doing yoga, making crafts, exploring the natural world. 
Jeni Heinman  Parent and HS teacher Apple Valley schools Minnesota

Kids Yoga was not my children's first intro to yoga, but it was their pathway to learn to love Yoga and mindfulness. Miss Beth is unbelievable with the kids and the fact that she associates the language and visuals to their age appropriate learning level helps the kids latch on and love it from the beginning. There is so much light,love and excitement coming off the kids when you pick them up that it fills your heart as well. Every word and guided journey is invited with a warm, welcoming voice that hugs through the session. My kids loved her camps so much, they looked forward to it every summer. We even invited to our school to run a mindfulness session for all the kids at school. The grades were broke down into groups and she lead each session amazing keeping every age group K-6 completely in tune with the full hour. Incorporating her program into the school systems on a regular basis would change kids for the better, giving them the tools to calm themselves when school or life gets crazy. 

Vanessa Nordstrom            Parent            Minnetonka Minnesota

I have participated in Beth’s weekend course as well as a 4 session course my school district offered through Beth.  With life being so busy there aren’t many things I do voluntarily that don’t include my family, but her classes are outstanding!  I learned easy ways to incorporate yoga poses into my lessons, breathing techniques to help calm kids and ease anxiety, and fun meditation stories.  My students love when we do yoga and I love my happy calm kids! I look forward to taking a class from her again!

Tina Sheldon Wayzata Schools                 Minnesota



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About Facilitator


Heart 2 Heart network founder Beth Joselyn is a practitioner of teaching and empowering children to regulate their nervous system.

Beth has worked with thousands of children over the past decade infusing heart centered, movement and mindfulness technology.

Beth believes one solution to combating anxiety lies in empowering our children with the skills and techniques to manage themselves through scientifically proven methods to reduce stress, build self confidence and compassion for themselves and others.

Teaching mind body skills to children throughout the learning day optimizes the learning capacity as well as creates a positive well being atmosphere to create joy and connection  in the process.

Beth has her Masters in Art Education. 

Beth is a certified Kid Yoga instructor.

Beth has trained under James S. Gordon, MD, a Harvard educated psychiatrist,  a world-renowned expert in using mind-body medicine to heal depression, anxiety, and psychological trauma.

Beth has learned most of her skills by hands on, boots on the ground and in the field learning through laughing, breathing and moving with kids ages 1-18. 

She owned  Kid Yoga Minnesota yoga studio for 4 years, creating a community of lil yogis moving and grooving to the beat of their own hearts.

Beth  currently works as an elementary art teacher for 600 + students.

Her teaching opportunities include large group, small group , one on one coaching for children and educators.

Connect with Beth TODAY to answer questions and find out MORE!

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